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Mostly what I do here is what I've earned. I'm retired. So I do what I want, when I want if I feel like it. But I used to program and host unique custom databased web sites and email for my clients. Keeping a low profile while exploring Linux, Windows, Apache, PHP, PERL, mySql, Secure Servers and anything else that was of interest to me. And then I got a real job. For almost 20 years. UNIX/Linux analyst, just the OS side. So what I used to know is pretty much obsolete. Now I host a few web pages and run a mail server for the domains I manage to keep the wheels running smoothly in my head.

  • And here's (Kevin's Home Page) a page I wrote in May 1995. My, how things have changed eh?
  • I'm serious about Linux. Check this out!
  • See Kevin and Andy's Excellent Adventure at Air Combat USA Up, Up and Away
  • "I was just walking by and wondered what the Edgewalk was so I went in", said my dear neighbour of 20 years. She was 84 at the time and bought the full package. See her EdgeWalk video. She died in February of 2020 and thought this a good way to honor this seriously independent and fearless woman.

  • Here are links to the major tools used by this system.

    www.apache.org www.mysql.com php.net rockylinux.org
    Above all, Keep it Simple.
    And THIS is the ultimate example.

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