Kevin and Andy's Excellent Adventure.

July 12th, 2009 - A couple of years ago my buddy's wife called me up and said that she wanted to do something really special for her husband's 50th birthday. She told me about Air Combat USA and said that she wanted to send Andy and if there was anyone she thought should go along with him it was me. I was all for it so I arranged for us to go in the fall of 2007. We got rained out that year and in 2008 Cheryl was having a baby so Andy suggested we wait. Finally on July 12th 2009 we went to Pontiac, Michigan and we could not have wished for better weather. We arrived at the airport just after 0800 and were met by our ex-fighter pilots/instructors Bogey and Worm. We got into our jumpsuits and proceeded with the briefing. About an hour later we took to the skies for some formation flying (prohibited for all commercial and private aircraft in North America) some aerobatics and some dog-fighting competition.